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Anub’arak in The HoTSeat

Anubarak Wei Wang

I’m happy to be kicking off my series of Heroes of The Storm character overviews with one of my favorite heroes. I’m going to attempt to go through each character giving my opinion of their usefulness, implementation in the game, and adding any tips or caveats worth mentioning.   The Traitor King The world has been leaning on the concept […]

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Steam trademarked logo

STEAM is one of the great examples of new media companies that has mastered the art of promotion. Digital rights management, content generation, UI building, gamification, you name it; They are a powerhouse company that has shown that promoting fun the right way can pull even those deepest in the gleeful torrent of greed, away from the dark side and […]

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Nintendo 125


On September 23rd Nintendo celebrated their 125th Anniversary as a Company. While we now brand with Italian plumbers and pocket monsters, it didn’t start out that way. Having survived 125 years and come so far from its origins, Nintendo is perhaps the world’s best example of Survival of the Fittest. Playing the hand they’re dealt Nintendo got their start in […]

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