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Do you remember when Captain America punched Hilter in the face? How Cap wasn’t just a patriot but he also saw the good in people and fought for rights, even if he had to stand up against his country to do so? Well, this is not a comic where we see this Steve Rogers or that Captain America.

The Silent MajorityI don’t normally like to get political… but I wanna say something about Captain America and how this weeks comic is related to current events. WARNING, there are comic spoilers discussed here.

Since the shocking reveal at the end of this comic, people have only been discussing ONE THING. Captain America has betrayed us, he’s a nazi, he is Hydra. Trust me, I’ve felt just as betrayed as everyone else, but there is something that is bothering me, that no one is discussing. In this comic, the Red Skull is portrayed as the current rising voice for the “silent majority” in America, Donald J. Trump. Nick Spencer (the writer) did a very masterful job showing how the working/struggling class feel like their voices are finally being heard by a preacher of hateful idealism disguised as loss of true patriotism. In fact, he recycled actual lines Trump has said into context of this plot, and was a poignant reflection of today’s events. Which is scary to think about is actually happening today, in real life. 

Red Skull is Donald TrumpPeople need to remember that Marvel has always been a platform for topics like these and have been explored and addressed, time and time again in their comics; especially in Captain America comics. Marvel has always been an advocate of equality. I mean look at the X-Men and all their coming out stories and the plight of hate and segregation that comes with being different. Cap stood up for them, so I refuse to believe it was all just pointless ruse so that 75 years later he could reveal he’s and undercover agent agaisnt everything he’s fought for.

I have a feeling that a lot of people are reacting on the shock value of the last panel reveal at the end of the comic, yet haven’t even read the issue itself. None of us know yet, why exactly Cap said “Hail Hydra.” Let’s trust that Marvel and the creative team behind this arc have a plan… right now it feels like they are shitting not only on the fans, the legacy of this character and the heritage of the creators… but there may very well be a major payout and message behind this twist when this comic is all said and done.

…this comic is a dark look at what this country, our patriotism and shaping ideology is becoming.

I think this comic is a dark look at what this country, our patriotism and shaping ideology is becoming. This might not be as bad of an idea to explore as people seem to think. We need to wake up to the reality of the shift in conversation and how its swaying so many of the America people.

This is my personal reaction on this whole ordeal. I want my Captain America back, I want America to stay on it’s course of equality and I want us to continue to see the good in people; No more hate and passing blame on minorities.

Captain America Punches Trump in the Face

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I think this comic is a dark look at what this country, our patriotism and shaping ideology is becoming. Which I have yet to decide how that makes me feel. I wish they wouldn't have dishonored this character and his creators the way they did, by making such a bold "reveal," but I truly believe that Marvel must have a plan here and that I'm gonna wait it out and see. I hope I'm not wrong. #makecaptainamericagreatagain

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