The Secret Stairs of LA


Los Angeles is infamous for its heavy traffic, but before cars were a part of every day life the people of the city had to find other ways to get around.  What was the method they came up with?  Stairs.


One of the many hidden adventures of LA is the secret stairways spread across the city.  People used to use the stairs as a means of getting from one place to another.  I ventured over to Echo Park to check some of them out.  Though a lot of the stairs have become overrun by nature, many of them are still accessible to the curious tourist or the LA citizen who wants to go on a little hike.

The Baxter stairways is not only one of those surviving stairs, but also the highest one with 230 steps to climb!  The mini work out is not in vain, though, seeing as when you reach the top you get a beautiful view of downtown Los Angeles.

The stairways are not limited to the Silver Lake and Echo Park area.  These stairs can be found in Pasadena and as far west as Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades. So as you drive around Los Angeles, keep your eyes open… you might just come across one of the many hidden stairways!

After exploring the stairs around Echo Park, another point of interest is The Echo Park Time Travel Mart.  This quirky mart calls itself the “convenience store for time travelers”.  It sells items you don’t really need, but might want for nostalgic reasons or just to brag about it to your friends.  Some of the things you might find here include dinosaur eggs, robot milk, and even mad scientist goggles.

The storefront features a robot who appears to have time traveled into the past and is now engaging in a very serious conversation with a dumbfounded caveman.  Perhaps the robot is just delivering some of that delicious robot milk… Who knows?  But if you really want to find out, then I suggest spending some time in Echo Park!

Echo Park is just a stone’s throw away from downtown Los Angeles and a few minutes from West Hollywood. If you’re from out of town, I would recommend taking a little detour through Echo Park to explore this part of town and not only check out some of the secret stairs, but also the many quirky shops and cafes. Maybe you’ll run into a time traveling robot!


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