Anub’arak in The HoTSeat

Anubarak Wei Wang

I’m happy to be kicking off my series of Heroes of The Storm character overviews with one of my favorite heroes. I’m going to attempt to go through each character giving my opinion of their usefulness, implementation in the game, and adding any tips or caveats worth mentioning.


The Traitor King

The world has been leaning on the concept of dragons for how many years now? Where are all the gigantic bugs? (I still love you Mothra) Anub’arak’s beetle/scarab character design is just one of the reasons I’m really glad he gets the attention he deserves in Heroes of The Storm. His character is also a fallen and resurrected king with great lore and motivations, who we’ve encountered before in both Warcraft and World of Warcraft franchises. If you don’t know, Anub’arak basically becomes the enslaved workhorse of the big bad evil king of the Warcraft universe.

Blizzard does some really great things with purple. I think his default design is gorgeous and I’m 100% loco about his master skin. I love the direction they went with it. While some characters in the game just upgrade to a bigger shoulder pad or get a helmet, Anub’arak’s master skin is an aesthetic design choice. There is a definite shift to the look of the character where curves are swapped out for angles and glossy shimmer is traded in for matte color blocks. The other skins currently available for him are inventive and lighthearted.

Ladybug Anub’arak Love Bug Skin

LADYBUG!?!? Kawaii!!


Rad Useful Mechanics

We may be talking about my best hero statistically but I have reason to believe he is great outside my own mileage. At last check Anub’arak had the best win rate of any character. This title jumps around a lot but the big beetle is always up in the running. His multiple stuns and ability to quickly engage on a long distance target makes Anub’arak a smart pick for bolstering most team compositions. When I’m in the driver seat, I strut around like a batman utility belt. If you find yourself caught behind enemy lines without any options, it’s your own fault.

  • Two “CC” stuns (+1 more if you pick the web ultimate)
  • Self healing (+more if you pick the swarm ultimate)
  • Self shielding
  • Spawns for minion wave reinforcement
  • A long distance escape (while invulnerable)
  • Two long engages

His ability to both self-heal and deal damage PASSIVELY by spawning little cranky beetles is the fan-friggin-tastic cherry on top. Beetles that Anub’arak spawns behave in a way that makes sense once you understand them. Sometimes they’ll just wander away from you. Here’s a quick tip for maximizing “The Beetle Build.” If you’re attacking an enemy when a beetle spawn from you, the beetle will attack that target. If you are not in a fight, the beetle will walk to the nearest lane and start attacking the first enemy it encounters. Land your first hit before purposefully making beetles and you’ll keep your damage clumped up. People do complain about his health pool being too low but I think they just need take some healing talents and to get better at managing his shield.

Artistic depiction of Anub'arak by Wei Wang

Anub’arak, the Traitor King by Wei Wang


This guy is fun to play. Some of the hero characters in HoTS only have one or two options for build. Not the case here. The talent tree gives you a couple of different ways to build this guy. While his moves don’t exactly synergize in a clear combo, they fill in the gaps for each other nicely. His basic attack is a melee ranges swing but all of his abilities (can) deal ranged damage in an area. The skillshot satisfaction is real.

Impale shoots a row of stunning spikes up through the ground in a straight line. It’s easy to land but so satisfying when used in the right context. PRO TIP: holding down alt will allow you to curve your row of spikes!

Burrow Charge hurls your body through the earth (I still love you Street Sharks) under an enemy and stuns them as you resurface. It’s zippy and adds some gank potential that a walk-up, stand-and-bang warrior doesn’t have. His controls feel really tight and the mobility can save your life time and time again. Cheering, screaming, and uncontrollable laughter is to be expected.

It’s a little bit of a greedy character because you can’t really do anything elsewhere on the map to help visibility, healing, etc.. If you get tunnel vision and have trouble managing several deploy-able abilities all over the map, you will love him.

  • Character - 10/10
  • Viability - 10/10
  • Fun - 9/10
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