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    Apple Watch: With Great Intention

    This isn’t to imply that Apple could do no wrong, but simply that its very unlikely that they will. Its easy to look at the Apple Watch and pass it off as other […]

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  • Spider-Gwen-1-Kris-Anka-Variant-cover-featured

    Spider-Gwen: New Series Review

    her name speaks volumes about the power of fandoms In a universe where the naming of important things, that need clever names, follows the brilliant formula of “Spider-Noun” or even “Noun-Spider,” […]

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Marvel’s Daredevil: The Show Without Fear


There are a couple significant points to consider with the premiere of Netflix’s new original series, Marvel’s Daredevil. There’s the obvious and insane detail that this is the first live-action return of “The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen” since his debut in 2003’s Daredevil movie starring Ben Affleck (Batman v Superman, Dogma). The movie was heavily bashed by critics and moviegoers […]

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Chugging Teh Gew

Shaking Bubble Jug

When I was a young warthog I had a brief love affair with a bright pink candy gum called Bubble Chug. Woefully, this gum was discontinued shortly after its release and could never be obtained again. And now, in this moment, I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Wait this guy doesn’t know anything; The gum to which he refers was abundant and commonly available for […]

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The Secret Stairs of LA


Los Angeles is infamous for its heavy traffic, but before cars were a part of every day life the people of the city had to find other ways to get around.  What was the method they came up with?  Stairs. One of the many hidden adventures of LA is the secret stairways spread across the city.  People used to use […]

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Nintendo 125


On September 23rd Nintendo celebrated their 125th Anniversary as a Company. While we now brand with Italian plumbers and pocket monsters, it didn’t start out that way. Having survived 125 years and come so far from its origins, Nintendo is perhaps the world’s best example of Survival of the Fittest. Playing the hand they’re dealt Nintendo got their start in […]

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